artist-made coasters @ MADE

MADE art boutique invited me, along with 10 other artists, to create a set of 6 beverage coasters for No Sweat: Artist-Made Coasters, the latest in an ongoing series of artist-themed exhibitions.

I had to think about things like protecting tables and other surfaces from a water ring. I considered cold, sweating glasses and hot cups. The coasters are not only functional, but are also a decorative element. They reflect my artistic style.

Initially I thought I’d print on cloth and did all the research to do so but came up with this idea a week later, while visiting with Mary Shindell.  I am very pleased with the look of the small objects. They open a whole new process to me, I’m sure could show up in future work.

Today I found clear bumpers to finish the work. The whole design took hold. The opaque ones above are fun. And the transparent ones below, more sophisticated. I have made various sets of 6, and have narrowed down two different completed sets, one of which I’ll leave with MADE next week.

What  No Sweat: Artist-Made Coasters

Who    11 Phoenix artists (listed below)

When   Opening Reception : Third Friday, November 16th, 2012 6-9
Exhibition Dates: November 16 – Friday, February 1st, 2013

Where  MADE art boutique
antidote to the everyday
artist made culture
922 N. Fifth Street @ Roosevelt
Downtown Phoenix 85004
602.256.6233 //
Hours: Monday-Sunday 11-6 & Sunday 11-3
extended hours for events, receptions and workshops

The show opens next week and as usual, I hope to run a post with other artist’s work.

… tonight, we use our own personally designed set.

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