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All through art school one participates in arts and crafts sales, as buyer or seller, or both. I have great, one of a kind earrings, that I bought at Cheap Jewelry sales in undergrad and grad school. I teach at a college and I still have access to hand-made work made by students. And thanks to places like MADE, I also have access to a broader range of handmade – functional objects by area craftsmen and artisans. There’s process to making functional art that includes cool materials, packaging, pricing, and always thinking about the buyer’s experience.

I did say already that I’ve enjoyed making these coasters. Initially I declined, and then within a few days I changed my mind. The idea for the designs came from detail shots I shared in Facebook, this blog, and YouTube video’s of my process. I liked the small compositions, and so did others. Well … why not?

Surprisingly I think about two different people, while I go about putting my coasters together for MADE art boutique.

I think about my mom who prefers the hand-made to the mass-produced. Not only does she enjoy gifting unique objects, she also enjoys the presentation (oh and you should see her holiday table spreads). She appreciates details and interesting wrappings. I think about this when I come up with a way to tie the coasters together. I also want you to see and feel what you are getting.

I remember my under-grad professor Rachelle Thiewes and our Metals class. I recall how she handled materials as she instructed. She’d run her hand across a surface with sensitivity and care. I think … small-scale … sculpture.

I chose thick Plexiglass for my coasters. You feel the tooth of the printed surface bottom, while the top is smooth. Everything is matte-finish but the translucent  coasters have glass-water-light play when you see them as isolated shapes. And the transparent bumpers, not only are they good quality, with strong adhesiveness, but they continue a clean look. The slight lift off the table, allows light to move in the space. I especially like that the footing is circular and seen from above.

I designed 2 sets. One is opaque and are homages – to a jackalope (yes that would be Jackalope Ranch) and the other a cat (yes, Issa). Both are designs from this last year.

The other set is transparent. They are detail shots of a few of my current works. The  drawings and paintings will never have the translucency that these small 4″ x 4″‘s have. They really take on X-ray quality. And they allow whatever surface they sit on to come through the design. In this case below – my wooden, and warm red table top. Note the circular bumper rings, they reference water and serve a purpose.

The set of 6 includes various combinations of these designs. I photographed these samples below on a white surface.

An enjoyable break for participating in something a little different. I’ve made a dozen sets and I’ll sell some directly, and place others in a couple of places for the holidays. I just dropped a set of each @ MADE art boutique, click  ← for more.

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