cats, jackalopes and mouse


I placed another printing order for cats and jackalopes and dropped by Mouse to pick them up yesterday. The invite to make a set of coasters, has become a pleasant learning experience. One of which has been to fill orders. When I began pricing process and materials it got a little complicated. I was considering internet printing to save costs. But I wanted to see and feel what I was considering. I wanted to ask questions, have answers. I wanted consistent quality.

I am working with Mousegraphics in Tempe. Peggy has been great. All the women there have been helpful. One unexpected value is how they respond to the crafted objects …  such great insight for me.

Gloria who works there, ordered a set of the body prints for her son. He’ll be off to medical school very soon. I brought along a few she could choose from. The activity and comments that came forward were great for me to witness. People gathered and held them up to the light, placed them on the counter, discussed the details of the designs as they could make them out. And Gloria settled, with some help from her friends, on the 6 she would take. ↓

IMG_3500I suggested to her to have her son look at my website so he could see the art work these particular coasters are from. The coasters are small and translucent details and the original artwork is large, opaque and more … mmm …. seriously solid.  Here is the link Gloria → Nothing In Stasis.

Best wishes to your son. And thanks all of you, for your service. Pretty sure I’ll be back for more.

I guess I should note: practical but printed objects * hand-made , hand-washed.

You can also find them @ MADE art boutique.

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