when one thing becomes something else


I’m writing this post with appreciation and thanks for the friends who support my work. And I’m writing this post with a practical way to move designs out into new space. An artwork made for a particular event brings different sort of experience.


Homage to The Cat – Issa cup of Tea was originally painted for this years Mesa Arts Center fund-raiser. I barely lived with her, as I had to make and deliver within a very short time. I didn’t even sign the small work until I was at the center and saw I’d forgotten.
She’s in California now. I have a standing invitation to visit anytime.


Jackalope – In the View Finder is a work on paper for who else but Jackalope Ranch our own Phoenix Culture blog. It commemorates their birthday. They made a sticker that showed up … well … across Phoenix, and … America. I liked receiving photos of where the sticker – stuck.


Last month MADE art boutique invited me to take part in an Artist-Made Coasters show. I turned these 2 designs into a set of 6 coasters. Why not.

I received direct orders via Facebook, from out-of-town friends. Very cool. And I’ve replenished the art boutique, they sold the initial sets. It will be a limited series, I’ve placed 3 orders, I may do two more. It has been fun moving the designs further. And connecting. How supported am I. It’s a statement not a question.


Today I am informed, postcards are in. The cat design, with the help of Facebook again – is now a postcard. Far may she travel.

HomageToTheCatblog I’ve had lots on my plate this year, but these little side projects have been nice breaks. And one thing has led to another. I’ve learned new things about material, finishes, quality, costs and pricing. I’m continuing with the serious art making, that won’t stop – but I think now and again I’ll work these little practical art works in to my schedule. I have 3 more cats that I used to know in mind for 3 future paintings, maybe a snail,  and possibly a bird.

The postcard came about through a Phoenix Postcard Competition (yes…MADE sponsored). I was given 200. The rest are at MADE art boutique waiting to be purchased and mailed out. All proceeds go to them. And you’ll also continue to find my coasters there.
Thanks Christy. Thanks Cindy.

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