creature man nature – coming together

IMG_3569The studio is emptying out this morning. I’m re-evaluating everything as I move about and I prepare to sign the loan agreements for the exhibition.

Artist Mary Shindell sent more photos of her model of the galley space.  She adjusted it a bit from the first series of photos which I posted into the exhibition blog. This second batch I can’t ignore. They’re well shot and the model is so nicely constructed.

Things balance out nicely, don’t you think?

CMN model

gallery from above

Mary will have the back wall. Her print of South Mountain is measured to sit across it. Right now it’s appears I have the North (right) wall, and Carolyn will have the South wall.
Marco and Tiffany probably have the final say. They know the space.

monica n wall

Carolyn s wall

We’re delivering work one month ahead of the opening of the exhibit. The reception will follow 2 weeks after that. Here’s the plan.

When: Friday, January 11 – Sunday, April 28, 2013
Where: North Gallery
Opening Reception:
Friday, January 25, 2013 (6-9pm)

For more information click → Mesa Arts Center PowerPoint Presentation

4 thoughts on “creature man nature – coming together

  1. Very impressive all of you, each of you! Are you placing some sort of canopy over the gallery? It appears that way in one of Mary’s images. I am looking forward to seeing what promises to be a marvelous exhibition. Congratulations!! xo


  2. Thanks Ted…we keep moving on…
    Mary has sculpture of varying size, hanging from the ceiling. The netting allows her to hang dowels and see how things looks in the space.
    She’s moved them from the first set of photos where she could see they were too close to Carolyn and my work.
    It also gives Mesa a general idea of Mary’s vision, but they’ll know best when things actually get situated.


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