25 Years Downtown


Has Art Detour been happening for 25 years? Yes! and we’re celebrating…


The monOrchid presents 25 Years Downtown, opening March 1, 2013 for Art Detour weekend and running through the month of March.  As an invitational exhibition, it is not a comprehensive retrospective, but with as much inclusion as possible. This exhibition is about the stories and experiences of the participating artists in the downtown Phoenix art community.  It explores the history of downtown Phoenix art and celebrates the diversity through the perspective of the artists.  The result is an eclectic mix of significant veteran artists and new(er) school artists.


As part of the celebration The monOrchid will also presents its inaugural Arts’ Ball with the artists and the public. The evening, which is free and open to the public, will be full of activity and include exhibiting artists and entertainment. The monOrchid will hold a silent  auction of much of the work in the exhibition 25 Years Downtown with a percentage of the proceeds benefitting the re-launch of Shade Projects, a nonprofit organization dedicated to enhancing arts awareness, community engagement, and historical building renovation.

I am pleased to participate. I love the space and support the intentions. I hear they have gathered over 50 artists. Here are only a handful of images up for auction (click on image for artist blog or website).

Finding Nematode Dambrova_Small 38x43 ©Bill Dambrova

Bill Dambrova
Finding Nematode
oil and fluorescent spray paint on canvas


Irma Sanchez
digital photographic print
30 x 20

sideways saguaro

Mary Shindell
archival inkjet print
edition of 10


Lara Plecas
“Set Afire”
encaustic on panel
Wallow Fire/wildfire landscape

stars under the lid

Carrie Marill and Michael Lundgren
Stars Under The Lid

Homage to the Lepus Temperamentalusm

Monica Aissa Martinez
Homage to the Lepus Temperamentalus
– Jackalope In a View-Finder
Medium: Casein and Graphite Collage
18 x 14″

All the work and/or artists connect to the downtown arts scene. My work (above), created specifically for Jackalope Ranch’s (our Phoenix Culture blog) limited edition birthday sticker, is available for auction.

Come down, enjoy the art, celebrate 25 Years Downtown with monOrchid – and buy some artwork.

  • First Friday (Art Detour Preview), March 1, 2013 6-11pm
  • Art Detour, March 2 & 3 11am – 5pm
  • The monOrchid Arts’ Ball, ( and silent auction) Saturday, March 2, 7-12pm
  • Third Friday Collector’s Night, March 15, 6-10pm

The monOrchid is located in downtown Phoenix
@ 214 E Roosevelt, Phoenix AZ 85004
For more info click → The monOrchid.


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