is it about the body?

Every square inch of the human form is a world unto itself, much of which cannot be seen with the naked eye. All of it can be felt though, especially when you simply pay some attention to it. By touring a body in detail, it is possible to build up your own, and embrace all of those nooks and crannies, some abandoned, some unnoticed for so many years. Home sweet home ~ Gil Hedley

I drew out the complete contour of the body, and then I set structure into that – the bones and muscles.  Now I organize major organs. I feel like I am filling up a container, especially because the figure is hand-standing and coming together from the ground up. I have to pay close attention because I continue to get disoriented. I have access to a full skeleton which helps when I lose grounding.
I occasionally hand stand, to feel out whatever confuses me. Thinking is not working now. It’s too much.




This morning while practicing asana, I wondered about the various structures of the body and how separately they don’t hold up. Bones have weight but they don’t move without muscle. muscle by itself won’t hold form. And the organs without containment, I imagine … could spill everywhere. Together they interact, support, and strengthen – but how does it all actually work? What moves them / me? Where does vitality emanate ? What animates … me?

I’ll be moving into the legs on the first figure. Then I’ll begin the other figure. The cat is almost complete, though I’m sure to play with her a bit more.


2 thoughts on “is it about the body?

  1. Your description seems to apply to your work as well. The detailed, delicate lines would not have such impact if not contrasted by areas of color. The form is made more powerful by the flat delicate lines. Each layer of color builds upon the last. Each element interacts with the other to work as a complete whole – as the body’s many parts function as a whole. Beautiful.


  2. it is lots of layers of activity. and things get lost and i need to bring it all back.
    thanks so much for the careful observation…i appreciate you noting this.


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