no woman is an island….continues

Study of the Torso, Female Back Body Casein, Graphite, Gesso on BFK Rag 36" x 25"

Study of the Torso,  Female Back Body
Casein, Graphite, Gesso on BFK Rag
36″ x 25″

These days the internet allows artists to move their work out of the studio, out of ones area, and even out of the country- with the hit of a key. I receive a request from Toronto that I am pleased to accommodate.

I’ve been browsing the internet for images to accompany a talk I am part of on the subject of pelvic health. I came across your work and I am stunned by your vision. I would like to ask your permission to include one or two of your images to accompany my talk. I am addressing doctors who treat the body and feel your images are such a powerful statement of wholeness where words fail. Full credit to you would be given of course.

She clarifies in a later email –

 I am talking about the pelvis and the pelvic floor specifically but the theme of my work is the pelvis in relationship to the rest of the body (person) in movement and in stillness. I was really taken by the way you showed your process layer by layer because in a way it is a similar idea that I’m discussing. Integration.

—As it is we narrow down the image she wants to use. I send her a number of process steps. Good luck Lesley.

Lesley practices Craniosacral Bodywork.

I contact Patricia, who commissioned the work on paper. It’s her back body. She’s excited. Patricia is a nurse and a yoga practitioner. The healing connect meanders organically.

On a closer front — The Jackalope finds a home!
Lepus Temperamentalus (Jackalope) In a View Finder Mixed Media Collage 18 1/4 x 14 1/4

Lepus Temperamentalus (Jackalope) In a View Finder
Mixed Media Collage
18 1/4 x 14 1/4

My neighbor Reed comes over to show me a cyanotype his sister made for him (below). He’s been reading my blog and mentions the last post. We talk a little about the process and the fact that his cyanotype is a one of one – 1/1 – no other like it. I forget to mention should a cyanotype start to fade, one can sit it in a dark space and it will bring the image back to its original quality.


The Constitution, a congratulations gift from Kelly

He brings up looking at another one of my posts – the one about →  The Jackalope. Can I see it? – he asks. One thing leads to another. He now lives with another 1 of 1 – The Lepus temperamentalus. Thanks Reed! I know you’ll enjoy it – It works perfectly in your environment.

I especially enjoy the excitement on his face. He hangs it, and lets me photograph the framed piece on his wall and says I can visit it anytime I want.


It’s been an interesting week…

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