suspending a work on paper

As of late I’ve wanted to suspended drawings in space. This last year I came across 2D and 3D work interestingly hung by wire, line, and string. I noted some included hardware and others only a knot.

The last few weeks have been a back and forth to the hardware store to figure out a system that was clean and simple for my small 2-sided painting. I set up something I like, and is clean, but is a little more work than I care to do.

I talked to artists → Mary Shindell and → Melissa Martinez. I looked at their work as example.

Melissa talks about industrial hardware, painted nails, spacers, thread, thin-colorful yarn …  Your work has so many tiny lines this might look cool to have the lines from the drawing extend off the page. I like the idea and have considered it with larger work. She brings up ery light. I jot that down, lighting is next.

Mary sent a photo of a loopy object. She writes … In the picture the bottom loop is not brought up through the collar yet but tis is how I hang the clouds. …Tis how she hangs the clouds…I like that sentence.

She talks fasteners, nickel-plated collars, screws, fish line. And she directs me to the best Ace Hardware for variety.  They cater to bikers so they have lots of stainless steel do-dads. You can imagine how much time I spend on this sort of thing. Marco just like to tie knots and not mess with the do-dads. Marco [Albarran] helped me figure out how to hang my large figures. His solution was simple, clean, and it worked.

So…I now have a tackle box with grommets, loopy things, lead weights, fish line, and red wire. One has to start somewhere.


IMG_4302  IMG_4310


I like the lead weights. That inexpensive solution was my husband’s addition.

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