saving tables – artist made coasters @ made art boutique


Artist Made Coasters proved to be one of the most successful exhibitions of 2012, and Made is doing it again for 2013.


These unique artist made coasters have two things in common – they’re practical and creative. They serve to protect tables and other surfaces from the dreaded “water ring” caused by cold, sweating glasses or hot cups. Additionally, they go a step further and add a special touch to a room. Invited to take part last year, I enjoyed and continued making them. People let me know they used them as coasters or sat them as small works on a shelf or ledge.

Three of us return to do this again. You’ll see new artists as well. Remember…everyone is asked to reflect their personal artistic style but to keep them functional.

Invited artists:

John Ebinger
Kristen Fagan
Monica Aissa Martinez
Laurie Minnick
Ellie Richards
Jim Sulak

Join MADE for an artist reception that includes wine and features Peanut Butter and Jelly cupcakes made by Brendan McCaskey.

WHO: MADE Art Boutique
WHAT: Saving Tables – Artist Made Coasters.
When:  Third Friday, Nov. 15, 2013 from 6-9 pm (artist reception)
Where: 922 N. Fifth St. and Roosevelt (Downtown Phoenix)
(602) 256-6233

My newly designed set of 6 ↓.

…and new set of 4 ↓


Returning artist John Ebinger’s coasters below – who by the way – plays bass for the Phoenix Symphony. See ↓ the influence …


MADE  carries some of my other designs seen here → coaster link.

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