hand and forearm mixed media drawing


I begin with graphite on drafting vellum. I’ve looked at the material for a good while now and wondered what to do with it. I’ve never worked with vellum.  I plan to sketch – to feel things out hand – then move on to a preferred sized sheet and begin a drawing. But as it goes – I take out color pencils, more graphite, various erasers, inks, acrylics and a rag. I draw the hand and arm skeleton as foundation, bring in muscles, add nerves, tendons and more. I work two days.


The materials make the work appears to come up off the page. I have an x-ray box in my studio, I sit the drawing on top of it, switch on the light – and watch it become something else.

In January I’ll conduct a workshop with 14 students at the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art. The focus – anatomy. I think I just organized the lesson.

The drawing and the video are examples of organic process, as is the sound I create. Here is the video – all 2 minutes and 24 seconds of it.

2 thoughts on “hand and forearm mixed media drawing

  1. What day will your workshop be at SMOCA? I didn’t see it when doing a quick look of their site.

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