no woman is an island … continues


Hummingbird Study
mm collage on panel
12″ x 12″

I can title this post A work finds a home, because in general – it is about that. But in fact, it’s about so much more. The blog posts titled No Woman is an Island acknowledge the people or organizations who support me and the work I do. No one continues alone, much less the artist. I enjoy and appreciate the full circle experiences.

Here we go – the last post for the last day of 2013.
It’s about art, hummingbirds – and a few people who appreciate both.


I took this photograph on a late afternoon in June. I understand Maria shot images of it that same day,  in the early morning.
Carolyn orchestrated both events – the nest was in  her yard.

A few years ago Carolyn Lavender introduced me to Tom Strich. It was opening night of our first run of exhibitions. I recall Tom and I talking briefly about the artwork, including the life force, and death. A few days later he drops me an email that includes a list of books based on our conversation that evening. I decide he’s thoughtful. I also determine he understands some of the connections I am trying to formulate with the work because I’d read at least half the books on the list.

Fast-forward to now …
Tom purchased the small hummingbird painting (at the top of this post) as a Christmas gift for his wife Maria. I’ve heard lots of good things about Maria. I know her only through her photographs and videos about what else – hummingbirds!  She has a website dedicated to the study.

I meet Tom the second week of December, to drop off the painting. Long story short, we end up in the Tempe Center for the Arts parking lot. It was not part of the plan but ironically the area leads to a path where his public art work sits. We take a walk and talk about his sculpture, and the surrounding landscape. He identifies a number of plants and birds as we move through the space, including Queen Butterflies, Red-Tailed Hawks, a Gila Woodpecker, and a male Anna’s Hummingbird. I leave our meeting looking over a napkin he listed book titles on – all connecting to our afternoon conversation. He’s kind and … he’s a generous, walking resource – I think to myself as I read through the information.

Tom is an artist and Maria is an observer of all things hummingbird. Take a look at their individual sites, they include information and many, many wonderful photos.

→ Thomas Strich, Artist
→ HummingbirdPictures.Net

Maria, I hope you enjoy the Christmas gift. Keep up the wonderful work. Thank you Tom.

… a happy and prosperous New Year to all.

I’ve painted many works that include the hummingbird.  I’ve mentioned the small creature associates with guidance. It is a light in the darkness and it connects to joy.

These examples range from 2007 -08.

wake up

Wake Up
mm on linen
12″ x 12″


I am , Yo Soy
mm collage print
13″ x 9″


How Many Times
casein on canvas
12″ x 12″


Finding Myself, Losing Myself
mm on linen
36″ x 24″

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