2014 governor’s arts awards


In early March I was contacted by Jessica Rajko, Artist Services Coordinator at the Arizona Commission on the Arts. The commission was interested in purchasing one of my artworks to be awarded to an honoree at the 2014 Governor’s Arts Awards.

Since 1981, distinguished Arizona artists, arts organizations, businesses, educators and individuals have been recognized for their passion, creativity, and devotion to furthering the excellence and diversity of Arizona’s arts and cultural community. Each year, six awards are presented in six categories. Arizona Citizens Action for the Arts, with support from the Arizona Commission on the Arts, selects and invites six Arizona artists to provide a work that will be presented as an award.

I sent several available works. They made the final choice – a limited edition lithograph titled Alchemical Action. I would be presenting the award along with previous recipient David Ira Goldstein.


David Ira Goldstein, Monica Aissa Martinez, and honoree Daniel Buckley

I had the pleasure of handing my artwork to Tucson artist and performance art pioneer Daniel Buckley, who spent 22 years with the Tucson Citizen before creating a documentary film series about the political and social evolution of Tucson’s Mexican-American population. He was awarded Artist of the Year. After photos we took a moment to remember mutual friend and arts advocate Ruben Hernandez, who recently passed away.

1959283_10152408718036929_1368868076_nCongratulations to Daniel and all the other honorees. For more information about the Governor’s Arts Awards and a list of all the winners – visit the website here: http://www.governorsartsawards.org/

The ceremony was held on March 25th at the Mesa Arts Center. The program was filled with dance, music, creative people with great words of community and thanks. I note it was preceded by one of our Arizona haboobs – all of it memorable for sure.

About the lithograph:

The Limited Edition Lithograph Al Chemical Action is based on a drawing titled Al-Chemical Reaction. Commissioned in 2000, by the Hispanic Research Center at Arizona State University. I worked with master printer Joe Segura at Segura Publishing to complete the work which is published in Contemporary Chicana and Chicano Art, Volume l.

And because we discussed Ruben Hernandez, here is the article he wrote about my work in March of 2009 → ” Lantino Perspectives titled “Mind Matters”.

2 thoughts on “2014 governor’s arts awards

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  2. Great post about the awards and your work! You’re way ahead of me, I still need to get pics from my husband to create a post about it! It was great to meet you and see some of your work in person.


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