The spiral in a snail’s shell is the same mathematically as the spiral in the Milky Way galaxy, and it’s also the same mathematically as the spirals in our DNA. It’s the same ratio that you’ll find in very basic music that transcends cultures all over the world. JGL

The cat brought in a snail last week, hence this new small painting. I’ve been curious about the anatomy  of a snail for a long time. I never realized how it carries most of its organs in its shell.


While I like snails, I am drawn to the spiral, and maybe that’s the real idea behind this image. It should be no surprise that I include in the composition a hovering [human] middle ear from which a  DNA strand emanates. I finish with a Golden Mean. Did you know the Golden Mean is the middle course between two extremes.

The snail symbolizes steady progress, while the spiral shell symbolizes the cycle of life – change, progression and development. The snail is a lunar symbol, and connects to the feminine. And I guess one can say the Golden Mean is the happy medium. I prefer to think of it as homeostasis – I know I make a jump.

2 thoughts on “spiral

  1. this should really have been mine……. I did soooo want to have it…..you know you painted it specially for me!!!

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