hers and his

There are no simple relationships in the human body. Focus on whatever structure/function you may, and you will find it deeply embedded in other layers and functions, and connected literally to everything else. The simple relationship is a creation of the mind, a “reality” of an imaginary kind, an abstract thing. Actual relationships are complicated matters, and they require extended conversations to be understood, and experienced. – Gil Hedley, Integral Anatomy  (Facebook 1/14)


Hers and His have arrived! They are so beautiful and brighten up our room like suns. They carry a wonderful vibrant energy with their colors and shapes and momentum! I am very happy with them – thank you for sharing your talent with us!


Here is the new home of Hers and His! I think they feel good here – we Definitely feel great having them as roommates!

I receive these two notes after the paintings arrive to their destination. Matthew and Vlada purchased Hers and then giving things a bit more thought, they reconsider and decide to take  both works. I am pleased about this as they are a set and remain connected – in New York City. Thanks again you two!

As I note in an earlier post Vlada and Matthew are musicians and will release a recording very soon. Their website →  masterworkconversations.com .

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