no woman is an island




my specimen – a hercules beetle


Gary Iverson wants to surprise his wife Cindy. We love your bugs, he says. I know Cindy from my days at eye lounge, she’s a fine artist. They saw my work at the Shemer Art Center last year, and that they still think about it is good to hear. Gary gives me a list of the bugs he is considering and in that mix, is the Hercules Beetle. This one was at Shemer, I point it out. He’s almost certain it’s her favorite.

None the less he has a list of images he wants to see. I enjoy meeting Gary and like watching his excitement as he tries to figure things out. I know Gary and Cindy have a turtle named Elliot. I mention a recent tortoise anatomy study he might appreciate.  OK, my decision-making is becoming increasingly more challenging the more I look, Gary notes. Can he bring Cindy to make the final selection? Of course!

He does narrow it down to the beetle and the tortoise and even with that Cindy can’t decide. I enjoy hearing the back and forth comments, though I offer to leave the room so they can speak in private. No need for that, they both agree. I tell a little about each painting and how it came to be. In that – I note the Hercules beetle is a rhinoceros beetle. This detail settles it for Cindy – right away!  A childhood memory impressed this beetle into her mind years ago. And here it is, it’s hers.


Thanks Gary and Cindy! Enjoy the green bug from a copper mine in Superior, AZ.

The blog posts titled No Woman is an Island acknowledge the people and/or organizations who support me and the work I do.

It was great to reconnect with Cindy in person. I took an opportunity to visit her new community print studio. I’ll tell you more about that soon.

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