phoenix print studios


I know Cindy Iverson from our short time at eye lounge. I visit with her over the weekend at Phoenix Print Studios, a new community space she is organizing with Jeryl Jones.  I arrive to their shop and find a quiet, bright, well-organized letterpress studio. The familiar smell of printing ink greets me as I walk through the front door.

I am curious to know about the community aspect of this endeavor. Cindy and Jeryl both talk. One starts a thought and the other one seems to complete it. I hear their enthusiasm as I listen and I see their commitment as my eyes move though the space.

People will come here to connect. It’s about the experience, Cindy says. They both  know art is made in solitude. But they understand the value of being with other creative people. This is a place where artists might think in isolation but work in community. It’s about collaboration. It’s about making.

The public is welcome  to come in and learn about print. They plan to have open houses, classes and free events. Cindy considers the power of the press, everyone has something to say!

We move through the facility. There are a variety of beautiful presses, some over 100 years old. Opening drawers I see rows of antique wood and metal type. I recognize materials and process because I studied printmaking, but I understand letterpress has its own unique arrangement.





I appreciate the tactile nature of this art form. I love the history of the equipment. I love hearing how they collected it and how they bring it here. We discuss the art of letterpress and how it is different from current computer design. It is documentation, artifact, archive, something to hold, something to look back on.

IMG_7136 (1)

Platen Press


In the foreground, one of the Vandercook Presses.


inking area

IMG_7140 IMG_7141 (1)

They run a print for me to explain the process, which is different from how I know printing.
I learn the term debossing which means to push the image below the level of the paper.


inking the roller





I ask them how they see themselves. Again they both respond – Designers. Printers. Makers. Artists.



Phoenix Print Studio is here! Now!  Congratulations to Cindy Iverson and Jeryl Jones on this new community space.

You’re all welcome to organize a group, come, speak out and print!

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