no woman is an island

verticalEarly in the week I receive notice from the gallery that someone is interested in my artwork. Last night I arrive for the 3rd Friday reception to see a red dot on the label indicating the painting sold. This is a nice surprise. Yes, Nicole says, the gentleman came to the gallery several times to see the work. He will take it when the show comes down next week. Congratulations!

I spoke to Judson this morning. He kindly thanked me for creating the art. My painting has a new home – Thank you, Judson.



gallery photo by Nicole Royse


The show will hang one more week at Shade Gallery inside of the monOrchid.  The invitational group exhibition titled Feminism Today began its run for this years Art Detour.  It received a lot of press, including this video below  by Douglas Proce that highlights all the women involved.

The blog posts titled No Woman is an Island acknowledge the people and/or organizations who support me and the work I do.

It’s all Intimate is a casein on canvas study depicting both physical anatomy and the subtle energy between two people. The painting was made for another invitational exhibition titled Sex, A Woman’s Perspective that showed at Frontal Lobe last year.

Here is a video of the painting process.

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