green eyes

I am still working on the anatomy study of my father. Did I mention he has green eyes?


The composition, in its entirety, is larger than life. Fathers can be that way – larger than life. The work on paper is on the big drawing table in my studio, edges overhanging. As I work out details, I find myself researching the history of ancient Mexico.

Early Americans believed man contained numerous spiritual forces. Some of these forces left the body at certain times, like when one was dreaming.

The energy of the Tonalli acts as a symbol of the suns warmth. It is located in the frontal area of one’s skull, and in the hair. It travels when one goes to sleep and returns when one awakens. Think vigor and energy, for growth and development.


The Teyolia (animating soul and physical heart) present in both human and animal, exits the body only upon death. The larger symbol connects to community (of the people) – Teyolia is life of the people. It represents the heart of anything important: lake, mountains, ocean, sky, towns, etc. Think potent vitality


The Ihíyotl is in the liver. This spirit governs gut reactions and instinct. Think breath.


As I continue work on these studies, I realize I never move too far from my roots. I look at the figures in the studio – I pull in people and places I know, and don’t know. A body holds much.

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