a brain. new paper. new media.


I spent yesterday afternoon working with different materials – paper and media both. I settle on an a crisp architect paper – and I render this brain. I love the surface.

I need to figure out how to display this small work without framing it. I don’t want to deal with glass and a frame. I could tack it up onto a wall but there has to be other choices –  cleaner choices.

Any suggestions?

3 thoughts on “a brain. new paper. new media.

  1. Beautiful and quiet.

    One option for displaying without a frame is to use Dibond. It is a thin layer of plastic sandwiched between two sheets of primed aluminum.

    I just cleaned out and got rid of some big storage cabinets and have some sheets if you want to try it out.

    With this brain artwork, though, I would be afraid that mounting it would “kill” the delicateness of the paper.


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