four chambers 03

When Jake Friedman, Founder and Editor in Chief of Four Chambers Press, approached me about creating an artwork for a poem, I asked if we could stay within my general subject area. Yes. I also asked if he could send me something with plenty of time because I like to play with detail. He agreed to this too. He sent a number of writings and after reading through all of them I chose  My Mother’s Body, with Voice (A Microcosmographia) by Nat Fisher. I appreciated the work was about a mother’s body and I particularly enjoyed the word microcosmographia.  I read the poem a few times a day for many days. It was poignant.  I felt like it revealed itself to me one-sentence-at-a-time.


I appreciate Jake and all the work he does in our community. He juggles much and manages to do it with a light-hearted manner.  I learn Jake takes time to handwrite notes to the people he works with – such a nice touch.

more news …
Four Chambers 03 is officially live at

A hard copy is available for sale and includes 166 pages long and features 55 poems and 18 prose works from 55 authors (over 50% local) with 4 illustrations.
I do hope you can support Four Chambers and all the fine work they do.

Celebration will be at Changing Hands Bookstore, in Phoenix, on November 12th at 6:30.
You’re invited!  For more info → Facebook event.

The evening will include readings from Kelly Nelson, Christopher Danowski, Eric Wertheimer, Edward Kearns, Reese Conner, Melissa Tramuta, Gary Joshua Garrison, Kitt Keller and more.FC 03 Cover BlankFor more information and sample work visit
Congratulations to everyone!

Thanks Jake for inviting me to take part.

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