no woman is an island

Once upon a time, Liz was my next-door neighbor.  One season, thanks to the Phoenix Arts Commission, we both worked an after school program.  She taught dance, I taught art (mask-making). Because we knew each (sort of), we organized a collaboration between our 2 groups and created a final production to end the program that season. I suspect Jocelyn, the director who hired us,  was hoping we’d do this. The idea, while ambitious, did seem natural.

Two things we learned: think twice about asking young performers to sit still long enough to make and paint a mask and perhaps young artisans shouldn’t be asked to perform. While rehearsals were chaotic, we pulled it off and more importantly in the end, a good time was had by all. That was 10 years ago.

Today Liz lives in Los Angeles where she teaches and continues to dance. She shares the stage with a partner. I am happy to report → Casebolt and Smith will be performing in Taiwan next week. Merde!

sea horse coaster

Last week I drove out to Los Angeles for an art opening. While there I delivered 2 small animal studies and a virtue, to my friend’s home. She purchased Caballitos de Mar from 515 Arts. And she commissioned the Jerusalem Cricket (that I was able to include in a bug show at the Idea Museum), though she likes to say Charlie Goodyear (the cat) commissioned it. Charlie killed the bug, Liz sent me a photo, I found it creepy and was asked to paint it.


Liz lives with my first small cat (anatomy study) called Issa Cup of Tea. She picked that up at Mesa Contemporary a few years back.  The feline is another element of our friendship (Ali, Monkey, Mango, Potus, Shobi,Chupa….etc).


Thank you Liz. All the creatures are home now. Look after them.

The blog posts titled No Woman is an Island acknowledge the people and/or organizations who support me and the work I do.

On this trip I also deliver Prudence who pairs with Temperance, two works on paper, from an older series – the The Worlds Stage, a play in finite acts. She waited a good while to head west. Now they are both with you too. Thanks again Liz!



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