charcoal and pastel – final work


Here is one good group of students. I know I said this before – they came in, focused, and drew – day after day after day.  Overall, I’d say they were a quiet group. They laughed a bit here and there just to relieve tension, I suspect. They never hesitated to point out which works they liked best and clearly express why.

Our last day of class was no exception. They came in with extra excitement and then we proceeded to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the work. We talked about how the semester played out for each of them.

A challenge I do have is teaching various levels of drawing students in one 2 hour and 45 minute class session. You’ll see examples from all the levels and you’ll note that some of the work might be unfinished.  I teach realism. They learn to look and they learn to put down what they see.


Susan’s Tortoise, mixed media on (we never knew what kind of) paper


Gwynn’s Flower Rag Boogie, pastel on BFK


Gwynn’s master reproduction, a Georgia O’Keeffe, pastel on BFK


Jessica’s charcoal still life on BFK


Sofia’s Glass Bottles on BFK


Yari’s Terrific as Terrific gets, charcoal study on BFK


Fabiola’s Friday Night, charcoal study on BFK


Deja’s Pearly Whites, charcoal study on BFK


Gabriela’s Still Life on BFK


Jennifer’s Rope, charcoal study on BFK


Ehteli’s Absract, charcoal study on BFK


Jennifer’s Great Knot, value study


Sofia’s Accidental, value study


Ehthlei’s value study


Bravilio’s Faint Memories of Freedom, value study


Dustin’s value study

Class is over. Grades are in.

I have a feeling most of this group will continue to draw throughout the summer.


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