a house concert and sean rowe


It’s just after the New Year and Carolyn and I are driving to California for an art opening. She pulls out a Sean Rowe CD and says I think you’ll like this guy. She talks about his music, his voice, and casually adds he travels the country and gives house concerts. She’d contacted his people to let them know she’d be interested in hosting one. But, she goes on, she never got a response. I’m impressed that she could be so bold to consider hosting a musician. I’d be intimidated, I tell her. While on the road we listen to his music. I do enjoy the deep, rich voice.

Who could know within a few weeks Carolyn will receive word Rowe is performing in Arizona. And within another month Brian and Carolyn (thank you!) will be hosting a Sean Rowe concert in their living room.

Carolyn’s invite  begins … I have been listening to his music for years and really love his deep, rich voice and melodic songs. Sean has opened shows for Robert Plant, Lucinda Williams and Alabama Shakes. He is also a naturalist, and teaches plant foraging and wilderness skills in upstate NY. And she ends with … expect a great time at our house, with food and beverages, and an 1 1/2 hour intimate show with Sean in our living room. We are planning on 40 guests.

Needless to say there are over 50 people and the evening holds magic for all of us.


I find it interesting how artists of all sorts manage to make and share their work. A house concert is a powerful way to connect to an audience. Not only do I have Rowe’s music to continue to enjoy, I also have an enduring memory.

And because I think too much, I have to wonder if visual artists can create such experience. I don’t know, it’s all probably (and rightly) different. A voice, music, and sound are visceral experiences. The whole thing goes into the body and I do believe it stays there-resonating for a long time.

Here is one of my favorites off the Madman CD title Spiritual Leather.


Fast forward to mid May – Sean Rowe announces he is going rogue.
He writes : New Story, New Song, and a New Album, with your help. I’ll be independently releasing my next album, guys. Check out the whole story, listen to the new song, and see how you can be a part of it, here: → Sean-rowe-is-going-rogue

Ahh creativity! So worth supporting. Take a few minute to listen to what he has to say about what he does. And then listen to more of his music.


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