summer drawing – no body/yes body

Every summer  I spend time working on a small series, usually about 5, connected images.
In general, I get away from whatever I’m working on, I try not to think so much, and I opt for spontaneous, quick(er) and fun design. A few years ago, the small insect studies emerge this way.

This summer I think to get away from the body. Nope, not happening…

Tuesday I go to the eye doctor. I come across 2 big eye-ball models sitting on his desk. I know before the week is over I’ll draw them.

The appointment is followed by a visit to Made Art Boutique where I find a 3.5 x 2.5″ metal frame. The project won’t resolve how I hang any of my 2-sided mylar drawings – but the kitsch quality appeals to me. I can see a few more of these ex-voto like objects happening.

The 10 3/4 x 9 3/4″, mixed-media collage on paper ↓ combines text, drawing, and an intaglio print. I like the words – The Approach of the Intuition Versus The Approach of the Mind and Spirit and Form go Into Conflict and Appeal to the Heart For Balance.

I want to include a brain but I don’t think it through in terms of space. That’s what happens when one is not thinking (too much). For the record neurons take up space in the composition. I layer the finished piece with a Casein varnish.

The title for now is Emergence of the Heart – the name of the chapter the words come from.

Let’s see what the coming week brings…


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