no woman is an island

I title the post No Woman is an Island because it is about that. But I also want to call it
The Inner Ear Canal – and a Milagro for Barbara.

Interested in a small inner ear study, Wendy explains, My daughter is almost totally deaf. She’s lost her hearing due to Osteogenesis Imperfecta.

Osteogenesis imperfecta means imperfectly formed bone, OI is also known as brittle bone disease. I understand it is a connective tissue disorder that mostly affects the bones. It can also create  imbalance in the heart, joints, lungs, muscles, teeth, and like with Barbara (Wendy’s step-daughter), in the inner ear leaving hearing loss.

I’m sorry to hear this Wendy. Do you communicate via sign language?

I would really like to get this for her. She hasn’t learned sign language. The profound loss has just happened within the past year. She’s had a series of hearing aids, has a cochlear implant and is considering surgery to replace her inner ear bone with a 3D created new one.

I’m already impressed by some technology and learning about the use of 3D printing adds to it. I hope it can work for Barbara.

Inner Ear Study- Front

The word milagro is Spanish and translates to miracle. Milagros are Mexican folk charms. I consider some of my small representations of organs – sort of milagros.

The small anatomy studies I make represent active attention to a subject, and from that point of view are like an offering of prayer or a focused request (focused action) for health and wellness. I am certain Wendy knows about milagros but I want her to know the intention.I particularly enjoy drawing the linear and circular pattern the inner ear presents. I’m happy she wants to gift the small work to her daughter.

Me: Can I post about this?

Wendy: I am perfectly ok with you sharing it. She is actually my stepdaughter. I don’t think she will mind. She posts about the challenges on Facebook.

When Wendy picks up the framed, 2-sided study, I see and hear the emotion she has for Barbara. I am happy she will surprise her with this drawing.

Thank you Wendy.  Barbara, I send my best wishes your way. Your mom shared some photos of you with me – creativity runs in your family for sure.

Inner – Ear Study – Back

I met Wendy, who is also an artist, years ago at an Herberger Theater art exhibit. And since that time if I hear the name Wendy Willis – I always think printmaking and water.  I also think of Feisty (the cat) but that’s another story.
Wendy Willis


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