it rains, it pours…i draw

One year ago,  I couldn’t have imagined where we’d be today…

Deaths in US 532,355
Cases in US 29,269,590
Vaccines administered 109,081,860

Today is the first day of Spring break. It’s not raining, though it is cold outside
and I am in studio drawing.

In the Art Department, at my college, we are teaching Hybrid studio classes. We have downsized the number of students allowed in each class. When we meet on campus and can work outdoors, we do, and everyone is masked.

Reposting March 15, 2020 ↓

Monica Aissa Martinez

Teri, my friend who is an emergency nurse, upon seeing my virus study in social media, writes:
What did you do during the pandemic Monica?
Responding to herself she continues…I sketched it.

Enjoying the first part of Spring Break, I spend a couple of long days outdoors before the rains come. By end of week, I receive word school break is extended another week, to the 20th. News of COVID-19 fill the airwaves.

It rains. It pours. I draw.

Coronavirus: Internal structure. Note Spikes (glycoproteins) and single strand RNA

Fascinated by viruses, I note the coronavirus described as aesthetically pleasing. I agree.

In the studio the latter part of the week, I draw while listening to science podcasts, in general, on the subject of viruses, in particular on COVID-19. I learn about amplifier hosts and reservoir hosts. I learn words like retrovirus and zoonosis.

COVID-19 stands for coronavirus…

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