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I am an artist…

I draw, paint, print-make, and occasionally I mask-make.

In this blog I share my work, work process, and exhibitions. I teach drawing and so you’ll see some of my student’s work. I write about other visual artists and their work, and local museum and gallery events. I tell about people who support the arts. And a few other odds and ends.

I write about the people, and the organizations that support and collect my work. Some of these posts are titled No Woman is an Island.

I’ll write until I don’t want to write anymore.

On that note I want to clarify – I am a visual artist not a writer. The grammar and spell check feature help immensely but sometimes even they don’t catch it all.

… Living and Working In Phoenix.

2015 State of the Art studio visit, Crystal Bridges Museum of Art

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5 thoughts on “About

  1. I am so glad Beth forwarded this site on to me. Outstanding and such a surprise! I see your Mom every year at Las Artistas and she always buys something–she is one of my most loyal customers–and she talks a little about you when there is time. She is very proud of you and rightfully so.


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