an inside look: phoenix artists…and so much more.

Artist / Designer / Photographer…and those are only three of the hats Anthony Zeh wears these days – man, the guy’s busy!

You may recall I wrote about Tony in February when he invited me to take part in his 100 Artists Portraits project. Last month he showed some of the photographs in the series (at Bokeh). He’ll show 25 more this coming First Friday, in the Onley Gallery, at Trinity Cathedral.

The project aims to educate and celebrate both the history and diversity of our arts community.  I particularly appreciate the mix Tony is capturing with that camera of his. The photographs depict artist at work, in studio – set next to a compositional slice of their materials. Here are a few photos to remind you of the series and share more of my favorites.

Timothy Chapman – Painter

Annie Lopez – photographic media artist

Colin Chilag – Painter

Jenny Odom Ignaszewski – Painter

You can see all the photos to date, and new ones as they go up, at his website.

Oh…and look at the other project that was birthed along the way. It’s titled Solo and it’s simple… great fun, great composition.

Solo Portraits

Tony photographed visitors to his Bokeh opening. He refers to the set as 100 portraits of people wondering through the art community. The head shots are full of variety: both introverted and extroverted expressions are to be found.

Are you enjoying the work Tony?
I enjoy the work immensely. It’s a great adventure getting to see how the  artists work and to see what their studios look like. I love connecting with new people and talking to them. This project has opened me up to that.

His excitement is clear, he continues…
In conjunction with the opening of the exhibits, I’m also shooting portraits of the people who come to the show. They are simple head shots, in the black and white style I have developed. This really lets me connect with the whole community!

More of these images can be seen at

I ask him if the main project changed in any way since he began it last August?
The project has pretty much stayed the course as the style has not changed. The speed at which I am photographing has unfortunately slowed down.  He explains it all takes time and it all costs money. He drives around the entire county to visit studios and photograph artists.  He’s working on raising funds.

I had a September goal for completion, but I don’t think that will happen. But what will happen is A Portrait of 100 Arizona Artists will be completed within the Arizona Centennial, with help and support from the community.

Tony sent me the pdf of the invitation (below).  I was certainly not expecting this pleasant surprise.

Anthony Zeh is documenting artists who work in various forms, with various content, and of various generations, who have participated in the shaping and encouragement of the artistic culture in metropolitan Phoenix, in the last 20 years. That’s an ambitious project and it’s pretty great.

I’m jazzed to be a part of the grouping.

WHO:    Olney Gallery presents                  
               Anthony Zeh 
WHAT:  Anthony Zeh Photographs
               An Inside Look: Phoenix Artists
WHERE: Olney Gallery
                100 West Roosevelt
                 Phoenix, AZ 85003
WHEN:    June 1st – August 19th, 2012
WHAT ELSE: *Tony will be shooting visitor
portraits from 7-9,  opening night only. 

Olney Gallery is located inside Trinity Cathedral, right in front of a great labyrinth.
After (or before) you see the exhibit,  walk the labyrinth.

So…what all is Anthony Zeh doing to get his project out, and raise funds…
here let me outline a few things as best I can…

his web site → A Portrait of 100 Arizona Artists
All prints of artists are available for purchase.


again…He’ll be shooting portraits at the gallery (all ages welcome) – opening night only.
He will offer 11×14 limited edition, signed Art Prints for $100.
Tony’s Smug mug account offers less expensive pictures.
No charge to have your photo taken, but you must sign a release.

Look at the community portraits, on his web site → Solo

And there’s a book! It’s for sale…click on the photo below.


He’s YouTubing too…didn’t I tell you…the guy is busy!

Email Tony for more info.

A Portrait of 100 Arizona Artists received a Ted Decker Catalyst grant.

Anthony Zeh – 100 Artist Portraits

I like to tell a story with my work, professional photographer Anthony Zeh says as we’re wrapping up the afternoon. He shows me a few images from his portfolio including this one below.  It’s a family portrait

… never boring, he notes.

Portrait of a family in their kitchen

I meet Anthony Zeh on Tuesday evening. Thursday afternoon he’s in my studio taking photos.

…Tuesday we attend the same artist lecture at the ASU art museum.  Carolyn Lavender introduces us.  Jon Haddock is also at the lecture. Tony wants to know if I’m working in my studio these days, and if so … might you be available for a photo-shoot …Thursday?

Thursday? Day after tomorrow?

Carolyn and Jon, both having already been photographed, suggest I take the opportunity. Also, I learn while Tony is in the studio, Joan Prior mentioned my name to him a few weeks earlier.

….all feels like kismet to me.

Artist John Armstrong

I’d noticed the artists portraits showing up on Facebook for some time now.  I didn’t know exactly what was going on but I knew something interesting was happening.  Tony began his 100 Artists Portraits in August of 2011. Is this in celebration of our Centennial? I ask. Yes it is, he responds.

Artist Carolyn Lavender

Tony will be showing a running slide presentation of 50 of the portraits for the weekend of Art Detour. And as of now, the plan is to show the completed project at Bragg’s Pie Factory on Grand Ave. in September of 2012.  You don’t have to remember the latter, I’ll remind you.

If all works as planned he’ll have worked on 100 portraits in 12 months time. You do the math.

Artist Jon Haddock

The photos are compact, exciting, and telling. Artist is pictured working, in studio, with materials collaged into the composition. I mention they have a 3-D quality about them. Zeh explains it’s the 3-photo process he uses that brings out the various layers. It’s called HDR, High Dynamic Range.

Arizona is 100 years old. The 100 Artist Portraits series when complete, will document important work, at an important time.  I know many of the artists in the series thus far, but not every single one of them. He’s capturing one brief moment in time. To see the exhibition in its entirety will be valuable, it will represent something I am a part of…the wide range of creativity that is present right here, right now…

Thanks Tony, for capturing the nitty-gritty (truly) of it all…

WHAT:  A Portrait: 100 Phoenix Artists (Half Way Show)
WHO:   Anthony Zeh
WHERE:  Arizona Center, 400 Phoenix, AZ 85004 – Across from New York & Company
WHEN: ART DETOUR March 17th and 18th

Plan to check out the photos yourself. Let Anthony Zeh share some of his work and some of his process with you.

For more info or to contact Anthony Zeh visit his website.
Click on each photo to go to artists website.