more than a thought

Be conscious, because your thoughts are creative. Be quiet, because you are more than your thoughts. Be. Observe. You are That.

This is a mono-print, silkscreen. I don’t like doing mono-printing in general and I might not care for silkscreening either. For me, this process doesn’t allow the sort of control I want to have.  I don’t know what to do with it. I don’t like the inks. I don’t like the intensity, or the flat opaque nature of the colors. I don’t care for the materials.  And I dislike the clean up.

The image took all of 7 minutes to make. Maybe 6. I blocked out the word, laid in a few colors, pulled the squeegee.  And there appeared, just that quickly, this image, on my paper. For a process oriented person, it wasn’t so exciting. The clean up took over 20 minutes. I was soaking wet when it was all done. Was it worth it?

Sitting with it in my studio for a l-o-n-g time…I realize only this morning, what it’s all about. A meditation, like my yoga practice, like Zen, like life, a sudden clarity appeared. No one had to strike me on the head with a stick either…I got it.

I created it and all is good. Priceless.