folk arts/yoga…and other news of the day

Sheila's Flower

Friends came by the studio to make flowers this morning.

I was going to write something thought-provoking about arts and crafts.  I planned to put together information about the folk arts.  But it’s been a sad day, despite the fun we had.  AZ Representative  Gabrielle Giffords was shot in Tucson early today. While finishing up our project we got the news.  The tone of the afternoon took a turn.

AZ politics, gun control, the nations political climate, and Ms.Giffords…took over our conversation. It’s not fun being an Arizonan these days. Among the bad news, we continue our connection, finish our plans and clean up. I’m still going to pull the post together, but I’m not going to get too serious about art vs. craft. We had a morning of interaction, creativity, and fun. And the result is a symbol of that.  Still, an historical event is respected and not ignored.


The folks in this case… fellow yogi’s, Dave, Dominique, Sheila and Susan… arrive to the studio to make flowers. Yes, that’s right… yoga and flower making reigned today. My husband hung out with us too.

We’d been talking about doing this for months. Dominique was eager to get going. But holidays and life pushed out the plan.  She was patient. We agreed to organize soon after the new year.

Today’s the day. After morning yoga class…My studio to craft flowers.

I’d sent a list of supplies out earlier in the week.

  • Metal Craft Rod
  • Heavy, yet bendable wire
  • Epoxy
  • Wire cutter
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Scissor
  • Tape
  • Nail, Hammer, Block of Wood (or old phone book in my case)
    oh….and bright, colorful, aluminum cans.

I thought the biggest challenge was going to be collecting enough aluminum cans for six people to make two flowers each. Leave it to Dominique to take charge of the cans. Last we connected, she had some 49 cans. More than plenty. She’d cut the edges off, and nicely set the flattened sheets into a shoe box. Organized our choices.  Thanks Dominique. You so cut our work down, the group will never know. But I know, and my hands, especially tonight, appreciate it.

stacked sheets of aluminum cans

We set up and get going.

We're off to a pretty organized start.

Dominique and Dave...breaking the rules...I mean cutting patterns.

I run instructions by everyone.  Each person has a mind of their own. Not surprised. Though I’ll just say, cause I’ve said it before…a very left brained group of people…once again, in my studio. They listen, mull over details and come up with a more efficient way to proceed. They figure out a new way to cut  petals. Lace them.  Bend them. And glue them. Now… I’m not complaining. I’m simply making note. Creative and smart, two valuable qualities as far as I’m concerned.

Sheila, Susan, and Dominique discussing options....

Eddie and Dave

Focused Susan. Sheila in the background.

A few people…I won’t name names, work in a sort of assembly line fashion. ↑ ↓ While finishing my one, they complete two. I’m impressed.

First flower of the morning…Dominique’s green delight, with blue, yellow and white highlights.

Flowers, for everyone.  What do they represent?  Basically…a Saturday afternoon spent with spouses, friends, music and coffee, tea, cake and tasty breads. Oh…and one cat that wanted in and out the studio door.

As of the latest news, the congresswoman survived, there are 6 dead, including a federal judge and five others (a 9-year-old among them).

I’m home with my husband, wondering…what to be aware of.  Maybe all of it. That’s the yoga.

We learned eventually the congresswoman was shot in the head.

Update: 8/1/2011 – Rep Gabrielle Giffords returns to Washington to vote ‘yes’ on increasing the debt ceiling. She sends out a tweet…The #Capitol looks beautiful and I am honored to be at work tonight.

And the flower making group…I hear everyone kept a flower and gave away a flower.  One person made a whole bunch of them, to keep a few and give a few.

Life continues, the big things and the little things.