3rd friday at modified arts











Who:              Alfredo Manzo Cedeno
                                       and Carolyn Lavender

What:            Opening reception

Where:          Modified Arts
                          407 E Roosevelt St
                          Phoenix, AZ 85004-1918
                          (602) 462-5516

When:          Friday, Oct 16 6-9 P.M.

Cuban born artist, Alfredo Manzo Cedena’s new work is influenced by recent health challenges. Brain cancer and ensuing aggressive therapy will be the focus of his upcoming solo at downtown’s Modified. Though he has been sick throughout this process, he has managed to complete a number of works for this showing. 

Phoenix artist, Carolyn Lavender, will show one work along with Manzo. She sent a small photograph she called a tease. It represents only a small detail of a very ambitious panel. Carolyn describes the content of the 24″ x 54″ wood panel work  “…a graphite drawing directly on wood surface.  It is a fictional scene  based on a real suicide that happened this summer.  She was connected to my family.  She walked into the woods near Boulder, where she lived, shot herself and was not found for weeks.  I am portraying the event with an imagined scene of the woods, filled with animals.  I don’t literally show the event.” 

The Woods

The Woods, detail

I ask Carolyn for any more thoughts about the exhibit and she says…”I think it will be a powerful show.” 
I suspect it will be. I want more photographs of both their work, and I want more detail.
Carolyn’s response…come by on Friday night and see the work  in person. Talk with Manzo. He doesn’t speak much English yet, so if you meet him you can use your Spanish with him.  
Entonces haré eso

For more info contact Kimber Lanning at 602-312-4203.