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In June I receive an email:

Hello! I am a Pelvic Floor Therapist starting out on my own and am really interested in using your pelvis for a logo. I love the creativity side of the painting and getting away from the clinical/medical images I see so often. This work is multi dimensional and benefits from a soft personable approach. I feel this image automatically calms the parasympathetic nervous system and welcomes folks who are anxious about their situation and what is involved with their healing journey. Please let me know if this is something you would be interested in and how to move forward. I am available to talk if you would like to hear more about what I do and my vision! _________ I am in ________. A great country town with lots of art and culture!

I receive requests for use of my work fairly often. I’ve not allowed anyone the right to use it for marketing a business. This doesn’t mean I will not, it means I have not.

I always research before I respond. In the course of my usual checking, I find this person has already used an image and was coming to me after the fact. Surprised and disappointed, I contact the person and eventually learn my work was used on brochures, rack cards, business cards and a banner.


Some back and forth via email and phone – I had hopes the issue would have resolved by now.


I communicate with numerous professionals in our arts community and people’s response and direction are helpful to me. (Thanks Michelle, Rebecca, Ted and Reed) Everyone is appalled that my work was used without permission. I get legal counsel.

I organize a Single Use Agreement that includes a fee and terms for what has already been done. Initially I ask for 2 copies of all printed material and am informed it’s all been handed out except for the business cards. Eventually I ask for everything remaining, including banner, to be sent to me. This is where things sit today.

In the meantime, I wonder about moving forward with my blog.

The blog is a journal, holding record of my work. It’s part of how I organize and learn. It holds information and notes I return to often. I am an educator and it is a tool for both learning and teaching. It’s an enjoyable part of my process that forms connection. I have regular visitors. I’ve interacted with people all over the world. It’s brought opportunities and sales. I value and enjoy the medium.

As a visual artist, I am careful with photographing and documenting. I don’t know that I want to add a copyright and/or a watermark to compositions/images.

In all my years as a working artist, I’ve read books and attended lectures on legal matters concerning artist and their work. The internet changes things. You can find plenty of material on-line concerning rights and protection. Professional arts organizations offer artists insight and direction for best practice. But we need all proffesionals to practice this method too.

I had another issue come up early in the summer.  It was simple to resolve. The suggestion (from colleagues and articles) to the artist is to continue blogging because advantages outweigh disadvantages. I believe this to be true.

And I thought WordPress getting rid of the spell-check was my biggest challenge here.

Meanwhile…on the airplane heading back to Phoenix a few days ago, I begin reading a book I find in my father’s library. This Calvin and Hobbs comic strip falls out of it.  #INeedAFunny

BTW: In case you’re wondering, the option g 4 in the title are the keys you hit to create the ©.

Update: We settled the issue.


no woman is an island….continues

Occasionally people contact me for permission to use images and/or posts from this blog. These are three outcomes ranging from across the globe. I note the different type of organizations and the connecting thread to educate.


Melissa Marquez, a freelance graphic designer out of Albuquerque, NM – interning with the National Hispanic Cultural Center – contacted me this summer. She specifically requested to use a border from a painted ceramic tile piece I created. Above (and below) is her take on the simple design. It will also be used to border areas in the gallery space.
The upcoming exhibition is titled “En la Cocina with San Pasqual.”

The original design → here.

Melissa Marquez is a freelance graphic designer → website.
National Hispanic Cultural Center → website.

SanPascual_invite2Using a detail of one of my works on paper, below – Lesley Grecco designed a postcard for a workshop titled Bodywork for Voice and Movement Practitioners. Initially Lesley contacted me because she wanted to use images for a lecture she was giving to medical personal about Craniosacral Bodywork. Coincidentally I’d become interested in the body work and she directed me to valuable resources.

Lesley Grecco lives in Toronto, Canada, here is her → website link.

IMG_4938 IMG_4939

Amira Robinson from New Zealand requested use of photos from a drawing class – on contour study.  The article was for a Student Art Guide that helps art students excel. The photos below are her specific choice. They are only a few of many interesting works in her article.

I should note this one link brings my blog daily traffic, from all over the world.

Amira’s → article.

drawing-pineconesThe internet is one interesting medium. I’ve been invited to give a virtual residency. If things go as planned it will be next month. Let’s see how that goes.