one. connected. living organism.

IMG_8184I am drawing the hips. Or am I drawing the glutes? Actually I begin with the pelvic bone. The initial study includes the sacrum and a subtle web of ligaments.

There’s a lot going on in the area. The gluteus maximus, the largest of the gluteal muscles, is one of the strongest in the body. It connects to the iliotibial band which connects to the femur. The IT band stabilizes the knee. I know there’s a song in here somewhere. The body is One. Connected. Living organism. I won’t compare it to a machine anymore. It’s alive and in that aliveness is held its uniqueness.

Back to the hips or the glutes – they house the elegant pelvic bone. The area is a basin for storing tension and emotion. The gallbladder meridian travels along the sides of the body and through the hips. Energetically the area connects to creativity (and intimacy).

And to think I was only going to draw the hips …