truth unfolds

“I’m not sure if i mentioned it, but I’m launching a new project at The Show: SOAPBOX.
Amy explains, “it is directed toward the news of the daya mix of essays and graphicsI’m wondering if you’d like to be part of the inaugural collection! The theme is LOST and it does need to tie into the last two years.”

I can’t recall exactly what I said though I remember thinking I’d lost a lot the last 2 years.

I had 9 panels to tell a story. The final image ↑ is based in the last 2 years though the story comes from remembering conversations with dad that were based on a book called Space, Time and Beyond by Bob Toben and Fred Alan Wolf (in conversation with theoretical physicists).

I really enjoyed pulling up and sitting with a memory from long ago.

My graphic memoir ↓ is titled Truth Unfolds…cause that’s how it goes.

For all the graphic memoirs/illustrated essays  → KJZZ – THE SHOW: SOAPBOX
Thank you, Amy!