on circles and other things vital

Circles are absolutely vital.
― Juan Filloy, Op Oloop

Remember my last post – I’m messing around with images for a little while.

I hand-paint the artist proof of an Intaglio print I made a few years back.

I think about vitality.
I think about framework and structure / skeleton and grid.
I think about circuitry, gold, silver, copper (conductivity) and motherboards.
I think about the body as a vehicle for enlightenment.
I think about the four elements – earth, water, fire and air (tierra, agua, fuego y aire).
I spend 2 days drawing circles and for a moment, I wonder about Aboriginal art.

Before the day is over I am invited to teach a workshop that will be held during the run of a painting exhibition titled Marking the Infinite (Contemporary Woman Artists of Aboriginal Australia).

Now I think about the forming of the body and pattern making.

The 10 x 8″ mixed-media print (can this still be called a print?) is untitled as of yet.

And on a side note: Silver is more electrically conductive than copper or gold.