third eye / pituitary gland

Curious of the mystical right now, I go in search of the Third Eye.

I start at the forehead, between the eyebrows, draw back and make my way to…the optic chiasm (but of course!). Here, I locate the pituitary gland (master gland of the endocrine system), traditionally associated with the third eye (Ajna Chakra). I also find the hypothalamus.

There is some kind of vital activity compacted into this central area of the brain!
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The pituitary gland is lower form. Hypothalamus is upper forms.
I love the whole shape.

Until now, I don’t know the pituitary gland is also called hypophysis.

Hypophysis: from the Greek, hypo means below or under, and relates to its position. Physis, means growth and/or in Latin, connects to natura or nature.. The gland secretes hormones that affect growth, blood pressure, protein synthesis and digestion. The hypophysis works in tandem with the hypothalamus, Greek, hypo, below [the thalamus] and thalamus, Latin for inner chamber (the latter is excellent description of the space). The hypothalamus controls temperature, food intake (appetite, weight control, digestive juices), thirst and water intake, sleep and wake cycles, child birth, blood pressure and heart rate, emotional behavior and memory.
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The light-hearted quality of the small study surprises me (serious stuff goes on in there). #ChildsPose #AUM

Back to the mystical…
The third eye implies perception beyond ordinary sight. People who awaken the center are called seers. It is related to discernment, intuition, telepathy, clairvoyance, imagination and visualization.
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Do you see connections between the physical and the energetic systems?