my obsession with the body, another mental concoction…

“The mind is an instrument created by you to image the Oneness separated into many interrelated parts.” L. Levinson

They say everyone  has a skeleton in their closet.  At the moment, I seem to have several. Though they’re not just skeletons, but entire bodies. They’re whole organizations, made up of many systems. The body is like a landscape of intricate structure, complex and exciting to me. I’ve always been interested in the idea of Identity.  And lately I am looking at body.  I feel obsessed.

The central figure below, is still in progress.  It’s mostly egg tempera now, layers and layers of it. I said before, I want each part to stand on its own compositionally  (like individual milagros).

You can see the completed work in September. I’ll be exhibiting the figure painting, along with a few other more abstracted figures, at the Tempe Center for the Arts in an exhibit titled: Mixing It Up: Building an Identity.