last day of drawing class




Last day of class…
Quiet, except for the Baroque music that fills the room. Students are focused… ahhhh… heaven.

Drawing 1 students complete a still life using charcoal.  They utilize everything they’ve learned thus far about looking closely and putting down what they see. I remind them to pay attention to a couple of things; the value created by the light source, and the detailing of the various materials they are drawing which includes plastic, glass, wood, clay, and rope.

Working with pen they learned to work organically. They were asked to complete one shape/object before they move on to the next.  With charcoal the students learn a different approach. They lay out the general shapes of the composition  and then come back and refine. They move a bit more freely.








Diana. General shape and its value



lights and darks defined in the central form





Advanced students work on copying a masters work. Another set of rules applies to this group.  Again they have some freedom, but they have many more restrictions. They are still looking closely though as I watch them, I guess they have to look more closely than they would have imagined. They use a variety of drawing mediums, lots of color in the case of this particular group.  It’s a challenging assignment.  Some of them look weary and some of them make the whole thing look effortless.


Charles reproducing de Vinci



Lilly reproducing Degas



McKenzie reproducing Van Gogh



Tiphanie reproducing Degas



Class comes to an end and assignments are impressive.
Drawing 1 group, progress is so evident, they know it. Energy is high.
In the advanced class the work is stunning, but they still have much work to do. Homework. It’s a given. Energy is mixed… nervousness and excitement.

Looking forward to their final critique.