homage to the pigeons at los olivos

Hola Palomitas! I see you regularly. Do you recognize my face? I’ve thought to paint you for a good while. Time is now. #SpringBreak

I indulge in painting your textured Cadmium Orange legs and feet! I take delight in working the textured, cool and lighter Payne’s Grey, feathered skirt just above them. Your round form, I outline a darker Payne’s Grey.

You store food at the end of your esophagus in something called a crop. You produce crop milk to feed your young. You don’t have teeth so your gizzard helps you grind food. And you have lots of air sacs…ahh…evolution!

I detail a brain to note your intelligence. I’m surprised to learn the surface is smooth. It has no gyri and sulci! Rumor has it you have an internal compass. Is this true? An internal map allows you to make your way back home from far away locations?

I add and detail your (relatively) large heart that has to meet high metabolic demands for flight. No wonder they say you represent a feeling of safety and confidence in challenging situations. Tradition also has it that you arrive with love, kindness and peace. You connect to home and security. I most appreciate learning you are a spirit messenger, carrying messages between the living and dead. I’ll trust to use your service.

Casein, Egg Tempera, Gesso, Gouache, Graphite, Ink, Micaceous Iron Oxide, Pencil color

#pigeonbody and #pigeonspirit

Paloma, Mm collage on Birch Panel, 14″ x 11″