who’s pulling the strings?

The fact that this is a print gets a little left behind. You still see the plate marks but  I’ve added collage elements and casein paint, pencil and micaceous iron oxide.  It was hand-pulled but at this point it’s mostly hand-painted.

I don’t have a title for this version of the print yet.

img_9754Puppet, marionette…
I discover the word Greek word for puppet is nevróspastos  and it means drawn by strings, string pulling.
Neuron translates to sinew, tendon, muscle, string or wire.
Spáō implies to draw or pull.

When you read about puppets or marionette’s you also read about horizontal control and vertical control…all something to think about these days. There’s even something called American Control.

Anyway…here is the new version of this print. Who’s pulling your strings?