nothing in stasis


Subtle – from the series Nothing In Stasis
Casein on Paper
36″ x  25″

I can tell you more about this commissioned artwork, about the framing, the tile wall it sits on, and the search for a hanging system. I could share lots of little details about how things played out. And about the poem that made its way here. There’s story.
But all I really want to say is today we hung the work titled Subtle.

She is in a beautiful environment of her own. Namaste’ Patricia.

#2 copy


“Circles” by Hafiz

The moon is most happy
When it is full.

And the sun always looks
Like a perfectly minted gold coin

That was just Polished
And places in flight
By God’s playful Kiss.

And so many varieties of fruit
Hang plump and round

From branches that seem like a Sculptor’s hands.

I see the beautiful curve of a pregnant belly
Shaped by a soul within,

And the Earth itself,
And the planets and the Spheres–

I have gotten the hint:

There is something about circles
The Beloved likes.

Within the Circle of a Perfect One

There is an Infinite Community
Of Light.