f-holes, chinrest and a lumbar spine

A few steady days of hard rain last September, you can imagine my surprise when out for an evening walk, I come across an abandoned violin. A huge trash bin sat in front of a house that was being gutted. There on top, lay a damp violin, still in its case.
#PhoenixRain #PhoenixHeat

I returned 40 minutes later to find a young guy pulling up to the house.

Is this your violin?
It was my grandmother’s.
You’re tossing it?
Yes. I’ve inherited the house…cleaning it out.

The bin was also filled with wet books, hardback classics as well as contemporary reads.

Can I take it?
Take anything you want.

I call my sister, who is a musician. It can’t be remedied.

clean and stipped

It’s now April and the current mode…
In a pandemic…not easy to be teaching a drawing class on-line. I need something to do that won’t require a lot of thinking…maybe easy, maybe relaxing.

I didn’t plan to paint a spine and pelvis set up on it but I’d read some metaphysical writing about the lumbar spine and the violin. Maybe symbol…maybe metaphor…I can’t recall exactly.

Here it is…not necessarily easy nor relaxing…though it did help move me into preparing for teaching on-line.

You know…if you look at the size of an average pelvis…it’s really not that big.

This is it…a quick post…to let you know…
I’m glad I found your beautiful violin and gave it a new direction.
I feel you’re good with it grandma. Thank you so much.

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