drawing in – drawing out, all in a day’s practice

Discipline in art is a fundamental struggle to understand oneself, as much as to understand what one is drawing.
Henry Moore

I’ve been thinking about the practice and study of yoga and the practice and study of art-making. For me, one might indicate the other. One of my yoga teachers Mary, says while directing breath…Breathing in, you know that you are breathing in.  Breathing out, you know that you are breathing out.

I’d like to think I could replace the word breathing with the word drawing. I don’t know, it’s just a thought about how the two practices connect for me. That’s all.

I’ve studied the physical and subtle energy bodies for years.  Two weeks ago I took a weekend workshop to study and become more familiar with the Koshas, Pancha Vayus and the Nadis. Yes the ideas are abstract, but the more I draw them out (or do  I draw them in?), the more practical it all becomes. I’ve already made connection between the Nadis (Nadis means flow) and the central nervous and the lymphatic systems.

Below is a still-in-progress, full-size self-portrait. There’s lots of color but I hope to let the dominant color be red, and then white and graphite (dark and light silver) line work. I consider this a (very slow) mapping process. This image partners another large figurative work.

As I pull the images for the post I can’t help but make connection to the Mexican, Catholic, and Indian (Indigenous) background and mythology that I know and understand more clearly. All of it is yoga…pretty sure about that.

A thanks to Mary Bruce and Deborah Garland for the space and the teachings. Timing couldn’t have been more perfect.

On a side note: AZ is 100 years old today. I’m included in a New Times/Jackalope Ranch centennial celebration of sorts … →click link Arizona Illustrated: 100 Artists in 100 Years.
I’m honored to be listed with some pretty creative folks. Thanks New Times.
…check the list out, it’s pretty interesting…