portrait of a cardiologist

daveDave’s energy is high as he enters my studio. A supply bag in tow,  he pulls out his drawing tablet, a water soluble pencil, and a 6-pen set of Sharpie markers.  Wow…I don’t know that you’ll need all those markers today, you won’t be running out, that’s for sure.  I say as I glance at the new set. I bought extras…in case anyone else needs any! Always thoughtful.  

I do sense a bit of nervous energy about him, and this surprises me. Dave already observes the world and he especially enjoys drawing. He is creative in a number of ways. I ‘ll tell you about his 20 plus years of calendar… journals…drawings… in a future posting. 
He carefully pulls out from another bag, a beautiful antique magnifying glass.  He need not explain why he chose this for his bring an object to include in your final portrait that tells us something about yourself  direction.

When everyone settles into drawing, I see clearly his excitement. It’s in his posture and across his face. And though each of his sketches gets better defined, he fidgets a bit every time I come up from behind to look at his work.  While he draws Greg’s profile, I point out the space between Greg’s hairline, the temple, eye corner,  and the cheek below. I try  to call out the underlying muscle and bone structure. I stumble on words. They’re both M.D.’s, and I am out of my league. I should keep it simple.  He understands and alters his sketch a bit.  I give him a few suggestions but mostly I let him know he is doing great with the directions I have presented for everyone….draw what you see, not what you think you see, now what you want to see…draw exactly what you see.

His completed portrait is simple, well observed, and  well defined. It includes varying thickness of lines and some texture, the more advanced elements. I particularly like the asymmetrical composition. He never titled the finished work, nor did he sit thru critique.  Maybe the day…spent him.

For my birthday a few month later I receive a small drawing from everyone.  This is Dave’s gift  card, a stylized commentary on the days events.


Portrait of a Cardiologist

….one more mask to share….coming soon.


5 thoughts on “portrait of a cardiologist

  1. I am flattered and embarrassed, never real happy in the spotlight…you are a most gracious teacher!


  2. i think i understand. think of it this way…you aren’t really in the spot light your portrait is, and your mask will be…
    dave? who’s dave? dave’s not here! ha!
    oh yeah…and your words will be…
    you are a great masketeer. you’ll see.


  3. What a wonderful process…the suspense as each is revealed for all of the participants is like re-living the entire experience…like having a baby…oh, wait, i wouldn’t know about that…baby dave…he’s coming!!!!!!!


  4. Gee….I can’t count the many, many times I keep telling my students the same thing, that is….”draw what you see not what you think”. It is a discipline in learning to trust ourselves. But what I find interesting is to saying this to an M.D. I assume they see things and think differently from a visual artist. An M.D. brings a unique orientation to their vision that I do not. This is interesting for me to think about. Thanks for some new, thought provoking ideas to ponder.


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