pattern, clothe and the first charcoal study


The goals for this assignment: Learn to use charcoal. Look at and identify value.

In this first study (with new materials) students learn to see value, in particular they work with local value (value intrinsic to the form). Basically they look at darks and lights.
They learn to work charcoal (entirely different from the marker they just mastered).  They set in a ground (mid-tone value) across the entire picture plane. They use a fine point  eraser to set in the composition, going from the general to the specific (also different from the previous ways of developing a composition).  They put down charcoal to set the darkest darks and pick up (erase) charcoal to define the lightest light. They work the surface. They look at and learn to work edges.

I love watching this first charcoal study develop. A different type of understand is formulating and confidence is building.


Brittany’s knot and patterns


Victoria’s pattern and knot


Michael’s knot


Kestin’s swirl and pattern


Maygin’s slip knot and stripes


Robert’s knot and diamond pattern


Kanyata’s knot, stripes, diamonds, zebra, and silk


Natividad’s knot and red cloth

Drawing 2 students work in pastel, a more complicated medium. The focus: local color – true color.

Susan, an advanced student, works with collage. She takes numerous prints (she’s a printmaker) and works to create a new composition. She resists the process at first but then decides she likes it. I do ask her to include drawing – graphite and/or pencil color. One thin connecting thread is what she gives me. I’ll be working on getting her to do more.


Susan’s collage

It’s been a long week. I appreciate the critique and our discussion of local value. This class is committed and continuing the work feels significant.

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